rgbdslam evaluation freezing(no result) problem [closed]

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My PC os is Ubuntu 11.10, I've followed the instructions exactly to install ROS distribution Electric. Also, I've followed the link [http://www.ros.org/wiki/rgbdslam_electric] & [http://www.ros.org/wiki/rgbdslam_electric/evaluation] exactly to install and run RGB-D SLAM evaluation.

Installation was perfect with no error. But when I run the evaluation with the cmd "rosrun rgbdslam benchmark_evaluation.sh SURF /home/jizhe/ros/rgbdslam/rgbd_benchmark/benchmark_data/", it's been a long time(more than 5 hours) running without any response. So I checked the file "/home/jizhe/ros/rgbdslam/rgbd_benchmark/benchmark_data/logfile", and I found that the logfile's size was becoming bigger at the first time, but it just stopped without any error printing after a while. And the program was running. I have to Ctrl+C manually to terminate the program. The print is here:


setting /run_id to a6225460-2b14-11e2-97c2-14feb5ebec29

process[rosout-1]: started with pid [25061]

started core service [/rosout]

Will evaluate RGBD-SLAM on the following bagfiles:


16:57:26 Results for rgbd_dataset_freiburg1_rpy are stored in /home/jizhe/ros/rgbdslam/rgbd_benchmark/benchmark_data/SURF/rgbd_dataset_freiburg1_rpy

^C[rosout-1] killing on exit

[master] killing on exit

shutting down processing monitor...

... shutting down processing monitor complete


17:09:51 Finished processing rgbd_dataset_freiburg1_rpy

Then, I tried to run the evaluation with the cmd "rosrun rgbdslam summarize_evaluation.sh ~/ros/rgbdslam/rgbd_benchmark/benchmark_data/SURF". Here is the print:


jizhe@jizhe-OptiPlex-780:~/ros/rgbdslam/rgbd_benchmark/benchmark_data$ rosrun rgbdslam summarize_evaluation.sh /home/jizhe/ros/rgbdslam/rgbd_benchmark/benchmark_data/SURF


No estimate at level 1

paste: eval_rotational.txt: 没有那个文件或目录(means "no that file or directory")

paste: eval_translational.ate.txt: 没有那个文件或目录(means "no that file or directory")

ATE Results at Level 1 are stored in /home/jizhe/ros/rgbdslam/rgbd_benchmark/benchmark_data/SURF/ate_evaluation_1.csv

RPE Results at Level 1 are stored in /home/jizhe/ros/rgbdslam/rgbd_benchmark/benchmark_data/SURF/evaluation_1.csv

I really have to resolve this problem. Does any one have the same problem or some ideas to solve this problem? Thanks very much!!!

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