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pointcloud access data

asked 2012-10-21 06:48:19 -0600

Pitscho gravatar image

updated 2012-10-21 06:48:42 -0600


I have a subscribed topic with the type sensor_msgs::PointCloud2.

I do not need the pcl library. I just want to iterate through each point and take the Z value. but i have no clue how to do this with sensor_msgs::PointCloud2 and i dont find an example.

Do I really need pcl for easy element access? Ciao

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1 Answer

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answered 2012-10-21 11:43:26 -0600

harsha gravatar image

Please look into the documentation of sensor_msgs::PointCloud2 ( and you can use the field "data" to access z values.

Possible duplicate of this question (

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Since Indigo, things have changed. See my answer to the possible duplicate question:

peci1 gravatar image peci1  ( 2015-08-13 18:06:37 -0600 )edit

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