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p2os TCP instead of serialport/usb [closed]

asked 2012-09-29 08:09:36 -0600

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updated 2014-04-20 14:09:31 -0600

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I would like to use the p2os stack to interface an Amigobot, which is an Adept MobileRobots (ActivMedia) robot. This robot uses ARIA as firmware, and so do Pioneer 2/Pioneer 3 (DX and AT). According to a computer fixed to the robot is required. I was wondering if the p2os_driver also supports to connect via TCP to the robot instead of using a serial/usb interface.

In robot_params.h I could see these defines

/* conection stuff */ 
#define DEFAULT_P2OS_PORT "/dev/ttyS0" 
#define DEFAULT_P2OS_TCP_REMOTE_HOST "localhost" 

I guess the DEFAULT_P2OS_TCP_REMOTE_HOST refers to the port where to publish messages? Is it possible to set the DEFAULT_P2OS_PORT to an ethernet interface?

I would like to run both nodes, p2os_driver and telop_keyboard on a laptop an have p2os_driver sending the commands to the ARIA firmware via wlan. Is this possible?

Thanks for any hints,



Do you mean setting tcp_remote_host and use_tcp with rosparam set ? If so this didn't work for me. p2os still tries to establish a connection using the serial port.

rosparam set use_tcp true rosparam set tcp_remote_host rosparam set tcp_remote_port 8101

I have also tried to use ROSARIA, the ARIA Port to ROS. In RosAria.cpp I found this in the Setup routine

    int RosAriaNode::Setup()
  ArArgumentBuilder *args;
  args = new ArArgumentBuilder();

  size_t colon_pos = serial_port.find(":");
  if (colon_pos != std::string::npos)
    args->add("-rh"); //pass robot's hostname/IP address to Aria
    args->add(serial_port.substr(0, colon_pos).c_str());
    args->add("-rrtp"); //pass robot's TCP port to Aria
    args->add("-rp"); //pass robot's serial port to Aria

I tried to run RosAria using this command:

rosrun ROSARIA RosAria -rh '' -rrtp '8101'
NonCritical Error: ARIA could not find where it is located.
[ INFO] [1350643787.727256660]: using port: [/dev/ttyUSB0]
ArLog::init:  File(aria.log)     Verbose     Logging Time    Not also printing
setup failed...

Still Rosaria seems to ignore any arguments passed to it.

Do you have any clues?

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answered 2012-10-04 00:57:56 -0600

ReedHedges gravatar image


I haven't actually tried this yet with an Amigobot, but it looks like with the p2os driver you can set use_tcp to true, and change tcp_remote_host to the IP address of the Amigobot (see


Adept MobileRobots

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Thanks a lot for your advice! Do you mean setting tcp_remote_host and use_tcp with rosparam set ? If so this didn't work for me. p2os still tries to establish a connection using the serial port. I have also tried to use ROSARIA:rosrun ROSARIA RosAria -rh '' -rrtp '8101' without succe

Eisenhorn gravatar image Eisenhorn  ( 2012-10-19 01:50:21 -0600 )edit

I'll have to try that with p2os at some point. With RosAria, you would set the port parameter to, e.g.: rosrun ROSARIA RosAria _port:=

ReedHedges gravatar image ReedHedges  ( 2012-10-23 14:03:33 -0600 )edit

Thanks that worked for RosAria. I found this also here .

Eisenhorn gravatar image Eisenhorn  ( 2012-10-26 22:09:17 -0600 )edit

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