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Hi! I have problems when running the "android_tutorial_teleop". The tutorial uses this commands:

visualizationView.addLayer(new OccupancyGridLayer("map"));
visualizationView.addLayer(new PathLayer("move_base/NavfnROS/plan"));
visualizationView.addLayer(new PathLayer("move_base_dynamic/NavfnROS/plan"));
visualizationView.addLayer(new LaserScanLayer("scan"));
visualizationView.addLayer(new PoseSubscriberLayer("simple_waypoints_server/goal_pose"));
visualizationView.addLayer(new PosePublisherLayer("simple_waypoints_server/goal_pose", this));
visualizationView.addLayer(new RobotLayer("base_footprint"));

but when running on my tablet it doesn't draw nothing. The screen only shows the virtualJoystic node. I have a map_server node running that provides "nav_msgs/OccupancyGrid" messages in "/map" topic but I can't receive the map via this latched topic as the documentation says (

Does anybody have the same problem?

How do you run the "android_tutorial_teleop" to works ok??

Thanks a lot!!

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