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[SKIP] No rule to make target None

asked 2012-09-18 03:47:33 -0500

Benoit Larochelle gravatar image

updated 2012-09-19 03:04:54 -0500

I have a problem that appeared overnight. All of my code is on an SVN and used to compile fine. This morning, I started getting this problem when compiling some packages:

[SKIP] No rule to make target None

I did not use the computer for about ten days because I was at a conference, but it was off so no updates were applied since the last time that I used it.

So here is what I tried.

roscreate-pkg foo
rosmake foo

And I got the same problem:

[ rosmake ] rosmake starting...                                                                                                          
[ rosmake ] Packages requested are: ['foo']                                                                                              
[ rosmake ] Logging to directory /home/robot/.ros/rosmake/rosmake_output-20120918-154406                                                 
[ rosmake ] Expanded args ['foo'] to:
[rosmake-0] Starting >>> foo [ make ]                                                                                                    
[rosmake-0] Finished <<< foo [SKIP] No rule to make target None                                                                          
[ rosmake ] Results:                                                                                                                     
[ rosmake ] Built 1 packages with 0 failures.                                                                                            
[ rosmake ] Summary output to directory                                                                                                  
[ rosmake ] /home/robot/.ros/rosmake/rosmake_output-20120918-154406

I then applied all Ubuntu updates for 12.04, including all updates for ROS Fuerte. I created package foo2 and I still have the same problem. In my own packages, it seems like the build starts, but does not finish, because the ROS messages are not generated.

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Are the packages in the ROS_PACKAGE_PATH?

dornhege gravatar image dornhege  ( 2012-09-18 05:25:34 -0500 )edit

Yes, everything is in ROS_PACKAGE_PATH. roscd and rospack find work perfectly. By creating a new package foo, I wanted to ensure that it was not a dependency problem.

Benoit Larochelle gravatar image Benoit Larochelle  ( 2012-09-18 21:54:46 -0500 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2012-09-18 23:24:30 -0500

Benoit Larochelle gravatar image

In the end, I uninstalled ROS with

sudo apt-get remove ros-fuerte-*
sudo apt-get autoremove ros-fuerte-*

Then, I rebooted, re-installed ROS, and everything is fine again.

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Same thing happened to me with a fresh install of groovy. It turned out some nasty stuff actually happened to my environment variables ( file ".bashrc" being damaged). You can check the variable ROS_PACKAGE_PATH is correctly set by running "export" in a terminal. It displays all variables defined.

anonymous userAnonymous ( 2013-01-14 05:30:02 -0500 )edit

answered 2012-09-18 09:34:30 -0500

Hi Benoit, in cases were you migrated (e.g. from diamond/electric to fuerte) you need do ensure that your CMakeFiles/Caches and co are removed. They contain paths to the used ROS-Version, i.e. paths to older versions which are not any longer available on your system.

Try rosmake --pre-clean or even better inside the package in question try rm -r CMakeFiles cmake_install.cmake CMakeCache.txt && rosmake

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Yes, I already tried that, but in vain. My installation of Ubuntu 12.04 is recent and it only ever had ROS Fuerte.

Benoit Larochelle gravatar image Benoit Larochelle  ( 2012-09-18 21:57:28 -0500 )edit

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