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This project is using Android Opencv 2.3.1 image recognition of android project. Resource files from the project folder res / drawable-mdpi loading a bitmap A, then photographed with the camera in the displayed bitmap B match (target shooting is a bitmap A). Two parameters of findContours method (models and methods), use Imgproc.RETR_EXTERNALand Imgproc.CHAIN_APPROX_SIMPLE. The use of parameter matchShapes Hu moments matching method is Imgproc.CV_CONTOURS_MATCH_I1.

Now encounter the following problems: Question 1: in the contour before the matching, getting data from the camera what needs to be done after processing, dose the findContours method can be used to find the contour? Question 2: After In the contour find, and compare use matchShapes methods, this method returns double type-data, and how to judge on the return of double-type data? The double type-data in what extent is regarded as the match is successful?

Please help me to resolve these problem would be much appreciated

Best regards Roland

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