Can we simulate "WVSN" in ROS?

asked 2023-08-03 10:37:26 -0600

So I am trying to work with WVSN [Wireless Visual Sensor Network], and I need to validate my work and run a simulation for multi-camera WVSN. I tried to work with Omnet++ but it wasn't suitable for the multi-cam visual sensor network.

My main question is, "Is there pre-existing work/way to simulate WVSN in ROS". I have a basic working knowledge of ROS, and how to work on a single-camera robot. But I am having difficulty spawning multiple bots and building a MANET for their communication. I have been trying to build a simulation environment for WVSN, but I am not getting enough blog posts or resources to follow.

These are the few resources I have gone through already:

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