How do I intend to operate mebo 2.0 via HTTP? [closed]

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I've seen this question before in here but I cannot make heads or tails from the response which was directed to users of Raspberry OS. To me it seems like overkill, and that an old school solution to this problem should be easy, (but isn't) and would be:

A. Install Visual Basic 6 on a Laptop within Windows 10 B. Download and Install an Android Emulator C. Use the VB6 environment to control that Emulator by Key Presses that Trigger Win32API: Mouse_Event relative to the Window position of the Emulator (possibly with off screen Coordinates of the Emulator Window)

By that, it Enables several types of file type that can Import into the VB6 Executable: *.txt, *.doc, *.htm, *.mdb and *.trg or *.tpl (Trigger Files)

To Secure that the TPL: Trigger Programming Language for Robotic Control over the APP designed to control it, can control regularly by Win32API, it is somewhat like Playing and Recording a Macro. Enhancements to that seems that these can design as Legible enough to work with Triggers that lead to use of the VB App, by Keywords in the Trigger File, that when they exist by programmatic read of the imported file, triggers use of Functions to return info to the internal functions of the executable like:

GetONSTATE (Name as String, IP as String) as Long SetKeysRecorderState (command as String) as Long SetKeysPlaybackState (command as String) as Long SetKeysPlaybackSpeed (ms_delay as Long) as Long InputKeysByFile (fName as String) as Long LoadKeyboardMacro (fName as String) as Long WaitNext (milliseconds_delay as Long) as Long UseSendKeys (nWindow as String, KeysToSend as String) as Long EmulateMouse (Toggle as Long) AssignMouseKeys (fName as String) ReplayLastMacro (fName as String)

And those Functions becoming Accessible and Readable by functions like Left$ and Trim$ or by a Comma Limited Database Functionality, enables copy and paste access to the Compiled Executable even when you use Windows Notepad to create manually a Trigger File.

OpenEmulator (App_fName as String) as Long OpenAppInEmulator (App_fName as String) as Long

seem like they are in the Realm of Shell32Execute of Win32API.

Enabling a Syntax to communicate with the EXE innards like:

QueryDeviceOnState (DeviceName)

Checking if the Device is even on (by checking if it even has an IP Address registered to the Internet Accessing Device: HotSpot or Router by the WIN32API for Internet Controls) seems somewhat feasible. Any other Movements in particular of the Bot, are also seemingly done by: Keywords in a File Trigger Internal Subroutines and Functions available to the VB created EXE. For Example, when Mouse Coordinates are Relative to the Emulator Window not to the Screen Coordinates by adjusting those with the WIN32API Call to: GetWindowPos (hWnd, Name)

Those by keywords in the *.trg file Trigger the VB Control over the APP by the Mouse_Event API which occurs whenever the Manufacturers APP for Robotic Control is running in the Emulator.

And via Loop until the device has an IP recognized in the VB executable, as soon as that IP address creates by the ... (more)

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Could you please clarify how this is related to ROS?

I'm inclined to mark this as spam and close the question, but I wanted to make sure and give you a chance to explain.

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