'Failed to connect to master in 30 seconds.' error

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Hi, All! I am trying to run Gazebo on Ubuntu.

make px4_sitl gazebo_(my model name)

When I run the above code, I get the following error:

[Msg] Waiting for master.

[Err] [ConnectionManager.cc:121] Failed to connect to master in 30 seconds.

[Err] [gazebo_shared.cc:78] Unable to initialize transport.

[Err] [gazebo_client.cc:56] Unable to setup Gazebo

If anyone knows about this error please leave an answer. If you need more files, I can give them to you. Thank you!

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That command has nothing to do with ROS on its own (it doesn't require ROS). The PX4 community would be of more help I think. But to point you in the right direction:

  • master does not refer to ros master here, but to "gazebo master"
  • As such, make sure gazebo is installed correctly. Note if you're using gazebo iginition (instead of gazebo classic), your command should be different. Paging through this https://docs.px4.io/main/en/simulation/ documentation should help. (they made documentation updates yesterday according to the linked page)
seqwalt gravatar image seqwalt  ( 2023-02-16 14:20:29 -0500 )edit