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Asus Pro instead of Asus Pro Live

asked 2012-08-09 06:26:00 -0500

r.web gravatar image

updated 2012-08-09 06:50:51 -0500

Hi, i am using the openni_camera module together with the openni_launch on ubuntu 12.04 and fuerte.

when i run openni_launch, it detects the device, but sadly not correct. It detects my Xtion pro live (with RGB) as a Pro, meaning no RGB is provided.

Can anyone direct me as to how to find what's wrong? Can installing a new driver from the OpenNI website change anything?

Thanks a lot, i hope someone can somehow help me.


Just to help other people who search for this issue :) The error that i get, when i set depth registration to on using dynamic_reconfigure is

Device does not provide image + depth stream

I also get this after running openni_launch (I never used any other camera on this system):

[ERROR] [1344530831.835241577]: Tried to advertise a service that is already advertised in this node [/camera/depth_registered/image_rect_raw/compressed/set_parameters] [ERROR] [1344530831.841281104]: Tried to advertise a service that is already advertised in this node [/camera/depth_registered/image_rect_raw/theora/set_parameters]

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1 Answer

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answered 2012-11-07 10:46:33 -0500

rleish gravatar image

This issue happened for me after I installed the unstable binaries for 12.04 here. So I went back and installed the stable Ubuntu 10.10 version of the OpenNI Compliant Hardware Binaries. Now openni_camera finds my device as "unknown", but I am able to get both depth and RGB (and depth registration using dynamic reconfigure). So far it is working fine.

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