rosserial_server freeze after 8+ hours in ESP32

asked 2022-08-19 08:02:48 -0600

DIno gravatar image

In my current set up i have 3 ESP32 running 3 instances of rosserial_server nodes, there are connected by usb in a raspberry pi 4 with ubuntu 20.4 LTS and ROS Noetic. Each node has about 20 topics being published and 3 subscribed. The problem is when i leave the machine running overnight( it's meant to run 24hours for about a year.) But in the next morning the node are froze, with only about 5 topics visible in rostopic. If i boot the esp doesnt solve the problem, only when a restart each node. Any ideas if this problem is know, our if there is a solution in development ? Maybe is a local problem. Thanks

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