moveit without rviz

asked 2022-08-03 12:15:27 -0600

lukas3001 gravatar image

Hello Community,

I want my robot (6DOF-robot, simulated in Nvidia isaac sim) to move from its current position to a position of my choosing. The trajectory should be calculated by moveit. But I dont want to see rviz pop up. The best would be a python program, which calculates a trajectory for a given endposition and the robot in my simulation follows it. Currently I am kind of lost. Till now i set up the moveit files with the MoveIt Setup Assistant and my Robot can make plans and execute them in RVIZ. But I cant seem to get the controller right, so that the robot in the Isaac Sim follows the movements in Rviz.

If somebody could direct me to a tutorial or can give me some advice I would be really thankful.

Best Regards

Edit: I am using Noetic on a Ubuntu 20.04 Deli

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