how to get the command joint and TCP value of the Gazebo robot arm when robot is running?

asked 2022-07-21 08:51:33 -0500

My use case is: I use moveit to plan the robot arm motion in gazebo. Suppose that i would like to run the TCP along a straight line, what I desire to get is the robot arm TCP deviation between the actual position and the reference position in both joint space and cartesian space in the gazebo simulator when robot is running. It is easy to get the TCP link real position with lookupTransform. However, moveit can plan the path and I can get the infomation about the planned waypoints, but it is an offline output and it has no topic to online publish the command joint states and TCP pose. I think that maybe the solution is that i set the use_time=True, collect the output of the topic display_planned_path, and publish the command with consideration of the sim_time interval.

Is there any approaches that i can directly get the command trajectory value when robot is running?

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