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API documentation for ROS2 messages?

asked 2022-06-23 05:54:00 -0500

BenKlee gravatar image

I've tried to find documentation for the different message types like here but as is obvious by the URL, this is the documentation for Noetic. I have not yet found docs for ROS2. Am I missing something? This documentation is also auto-generated so I don't see why it's not available.

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Afaik, this has not been implemented yet.

This documentation is also auto-generated

Which documentation are you referring to here?

Am I missing something? [..] I don't see why it's not available.

Perhaps because no one has taken the time to implement the necessary infrastructure?

gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2022-06-27 03:54:51 -0500 )edit

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answered 2023-07-13 14:02:40 -0500

squidonthebass gravatar image

updated 2023-07-13 14:03:18 -0500

Is running

ros2 interface show geometry_msgs/msg/PoseStamped

sufficient? From my experience it shows comments and constants, unlike ROS1 from what I recall:

# A Pose with reference coordinate frame and timestamp

std_msgs/Header header
  builtin_interfaces/Time stamp
      int32 sec
      uint32 nanosec
  string frame_id
Pose pose
  Point position
      float64 x
      float64 y
      float64 z
  Quaternion orientation
      float64 x 0
      float64 y 0
      float64 z 0
      float64 w 1
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