Turtlebot3 imu topic not published

asked 2022-05-13 02:55:16 -0600

nk gravatar image

We are trying to run ROS melodic based raspbian image in our turtlebot 3 burger (raspberry pi 2GB variant 32bit OS), we are getting all topics published with TF after launching turtlebot3_bringup robot.launch but there is no data published in /imu topic.

We want to make this work with ros melodic so we uploaded the firmware for melodic in openCR board and after uploading that we are not receiving any data from the imu whereas earlier with noetic firmware and ROS noetic based raspbian image (64 bit) it use to publish imu data.

Since our requirement is specific for 32 bit based Raspbian OS we want to use melodic only for now in turtlebot (32bit OS variant).

Kindly, let us know if there is any major change in firmware of noetic and melodic for openCR and need support for the same.

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