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ROS2 Conventions on installing headers

asked 2022-03-10 11:05:04 -0500

HorstLocal gravatar image


I was wondering what is the convention on installing header from a ros2 component, as I noticed that quite a few components install into include/${PACKAGE_NAME}/${PACKAGE_NAME}/SomeHeader.hpp, while I would have expected include/${PROJECT_NAME}/SomeHeader.hpp, as it seems all Messages are and some packages like tf2 does it.

To me, the doubling in the path has to be a mistake, but then, so many packages do it. But the docs also seem to suggest single ${PROJECT_NAME}

Any hints welcome.

Thanks and Regards, Matthias

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answered 2023-03-08 12:07:31 -0500

clalancette gravatar image

To me, the doubling in the path has to be a mistake, but then, so many packages do it.

No, it's not a mistake, it is done that way on purpose. In particular, it is done that way so that the underlay/overlay functionality works properly.

As one example, assume you don't have the double-directory. Also assume you have Humble installed to /opt/ros/humble , and you have the packages ros-humble-foo and ros-humble-bar installed. In that case, the include files are /opt/ros/humble/include/foo/header.hpp and /opt/ros/humble/include/bar/header.hpp . Further, let's say that you include header files from both projects foo and bar, like:

#include foo/header.hpp
#include bar/header.hpp

And then you have in your CMakeLists.txt the following:

find_package(foo REQUIRED)

In this case, things will actually compile correctly, because the find_package foo added in the include directory like -I/opt/ros/humble/include. But that's not correct; the find_package(bar REQUIRED)is missing. This is one pretty trivial example, but there are a lot more of these problems that pop up, and the solution we used is to add the extra directory. You can see a lot more about the development of this and the problems that you might face at and

All of that said, we only ever had time to make these fixes to the core packages; a lot of the community packages don't have this fix, even though they should. That will probably take quite a while to fix.

But the docs also seem to suggest single ${PROJECT_NAME}

This is a bug. Can you point out where that is, and/or make a PR to fix that?

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