Recovery Backup Not working

asked 2021-12-24 08:38:37 -0500

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I am running Nav2 on Ros2, Foxy distro, NVIDIA Jetson computer with Teensy 4.1.

When my robot is stuck in a corner, I see it enters the recovery tree and does the spin and wait actions; however it has never performed the backup function and as a result it usually ends up aborting after a few tries and I have to restart the entire navigation stack.

Based on the Nav2 documentation I believe I have installed all standard default settings for recovery server so not sure why it wont try backup when it tries spin and wait pretty well. Any ideas on settings I might want to tweak?

Also, if it does abort is there any reason that I need to completely restart the entire Nav stack, rather than it being able to accept a new goal; or perhaps a abort auto restarts Nav stack.

Thank you!

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What is your behavior tree? Have you added a backup recovery?

stevemacenski gravatar image stevemacenski  ( 2021-12-25 00:59:09 -0500 )edit

I used Linorobot2 install:

In the navigation parameters I left the defaulted:

    costmap_topic: local_costmap/costmap_raw
    footprint_topic: local_costmap/published_footprint
    cycle_frequency: 10.0
    recovery_plugins: ["spin", "back_up", "wait"]
      plugin: "nav2_recoveries/Spin"
      plugin: "nav2_recoveries/BackUp"
      plugin: "nav2_recoveries/Wait"
    global_frame: odom
    robot_base_frame: base_link
    transform_timeout: 0.1
    use_sim_time: False
    simulate_ahead_time: 2.0
    max_rotational_vel: 1.0
    min_rotational_vel: 0.4
    rotational_acc_lim: 3.2
philmurp gravatar image philmurp  ( 2021-12-26 09:51:50 -0500 )edit