About enp1s0 and wlp2s0

asked 2021-12-08 23:41:57 -0500

Hi, this is my first question.

I'm currently trying to handle UST-10lx with ROS melodic. (UST-10lx: ip 192.168.11.Z) I'm trying to connect the UST-10lx directly to my computer via Ethernet.
ping 192.168.11.Z
into the computer, but there is no response. Therefore, sudo inconfig enp1s0 192.168.11.X
I was able to communicate with the UST-10lx by doing this.

I was able to communicate with UST-10lx by specifying the IP address in enp1s0. However, I could not communicate with wlp2s0 (wireless?). I can't communicate with wlp2s0 (wireless?) anymore.
Also, pings from other PCs are not being sent. (Pings from my PC to the other PC are also not going through.) When I run [ifconfig], I can see the IPs of both enp1s0 and wlp2s0.
The ip of enp1s0 is 192.168.11.X
The ip of wlp2s0 is 192.168.11.Y
I don't know what state this computer is in now. Also, I don't know how to communicate to other PCs and to the UST-10lx that is connected to the Ethernet.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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