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How to set the waypoint for ros autonomous navigation?

asked 2021-12-08 22:36:37 -0600

mingyue gravatar image

There are some questions to ask you about setting waypoints: First of all, my configuration is as follows. I used the ros1 melodic version and installed the waypoint_global_planner function package. My partial plan uses dwa, and the current problems are as follows:

  1. When obstacles appear on the robot's global path, the robot will not be able to run, and there will even be a path to return to the starting point.

image description

  1. When the robot deviates far from the waypoint during the navigation process, the robot will not be able to run, and there will even be a path to return to the starting point.
  2. The planner needs to mark waypoints every time, and the previous waypoints cannot be saved and cannot be reused.
  3. Every time the planner marks the last point, it will determine that the point is the target point, but the angle at which the robot stops is uncontrollable. The final goal pose is determined from the orientation of the line connecting the two final waypoints

I hope my friends can give some suggestions for modification, or some better ways to achieve the functions I need, thank you very much here.

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1 Answer

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answered 2021-12-09 13:48:50 -0600

Nav2 offers a full solution to this problem, including executor plugins to be triggered at each waypoint to complete some use-case specific task documentation

I even provide you a simple Python3 API for using it in the new nav2_simple_commander package, along with other connection points to Nav2 internally to create a basic Python-based autonomy system.

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