Best Solutions on Localization ( AMCL )

asked 2021-10-26 13:19:32 -0600

wgsu gravatar image

Hello everyone

My robot localization use Encoder + IMU + Laser ( just laser not laser_scan_matcher or rf2o )

and ı use DWA local planner, but my around is very dynamic obstacle.

I want two ask two questions.

1- Best solutions localization with AMCL ? wheel encoder+ımu+laser is good? or ı buy other sensor?

2- My arena have many dynamic obstacle the environment where the robot will work is an environment where people will be. Which structure should I use for smooth movement and navigation? (Is DWA enough?)

2.5 -> Do I need to use a stereo vision camera to navigate much better?

They are detecting people and creating new routes with stereo vision on the internet. Is there a package or example for this? is it too hard?

thank u so much.

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