Multi-echo lidar compatibility

asked 2021-10-18 04:16:01 -0600

morten gravatar image

updated 2021-10-18 04:16:13 -0600

I am working with a velodyne lidar and we think we can get a lot out of differentiating between first and second returns in our projects scope.

As far as I can see, first and second returns are both put in the same data array without any real distinction, am I mistaken here? I would like to be able to filter some potential first returns away, but if the information isn't available in the PointCloud2 message then I am afraid it would be computationally difficult to calculate if 2 points lie on a ray from the sensor.

I know the lidar I am using supports multi-echo, VLP16, but it doesn't seem that the drivers nor the PointCloud2 message does. Is there any known workaround?

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