Integration Testing: Rostest with non-Catkin Packages (MAVROS and PX4)

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I am trying to run an integration test of a ROS node I wrote that relies on MAVROS.

So I created a rostest which includes a launch file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

    <!-- PX4 SITL and Gazebo vehicle spawn URDF -->
    <include file="$(find px4)/launch/single_vehicle_spawn.launch">
        <arg name="ID" value="0" />

    <!-- MAVROS -->
    <include file="$(find mavros)/launch/px4.launch">
        <arg name="fcu_url" value="udp://:14540@localhost:14580" />

    <!--  My ROS node -->
    <node pkg="foo" type="bar" name="bar" />

    <!-- Node unit test -->
    <test pkg="foo" type="test_bar" test-name="test_bar" />


My CMakeLists.txt:

  find_package(rostest REQUIRED)
  add_rostest_gtest(test_${PROJECT_NAME} test/test_${PROJECT_NAME}.test test/test_${PROJECT_NAME}.cpp)
    target_link_libraries(test_${PROJECT_NAME} ${catkin_LIBRARIES})

I try to run the test using catkin tools:

$ catkin run_tests

However, I'm getting a ResourceNotFound error:

rospkg.common.ResourceNotFound: px4

I guess the problem is that PX4 is neither a catkin package nor part of the ROS_PACKAGE_PATH. In order to run simulations normally, using roslaunch, I set the required environment variables in my .bashrcfile like so:

source /home/ros/workspaces/px4/Tools/setup_gazebo.bash /home/ros/workspaces/px4 /home/ros/workspaces/px4/build/px4_sitl_default > /dev/null
export ROS_PACKAGE_PATH=$ROS_PACKAGE_PATH:/home/ros/workspaces/px4:/home/ros/workspaces/px4/Tools/sitl_gazebo

This allows to execute simulations:

$ roslaunch foo bar.launch

Apparently, this environment is not passed to the rostest.

Does anybody have an idea on this?

The only things I stumbled upon during my research is

Both did not help me with my problem though.

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My experience with catkin tests is that they have a lot of problems with external resources since they don't load paths as usual ros operation does.

Mermy gravatar image Mermy  ( 2021-10-11 05:32:21 -0600 )edit