Is there a ros2 package for creating voxel grids?

asked 2021-08-31 04:11:57 -0500

jonipol gravatar image

In our ros1 project we used pcl/VoxelGrid nodelet but for ros2 we have not been able to find a package with corresponding functionality that would suite our needs.

Our setup consists of cameras, publishing point clouds, that are connected to machine_1 where we would like to create the voxel grid and publish that for machine_2 for navigation. Currently on our machine_2 we run STVL which does the filtering from raw point cloud data but we would need to reduce the amount of traffic between machines. Therefore, we would need a package that would do the filtering on machine_1.

So far, I have had hard time finding any ros2 packages for this task. Does someone know some package for the task?

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