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Does nav2 rotation shim controller have a limit for angular velocity?

asked 2023-04-21 06:33:07 -0500

Fionn gravatar image

Hi there,

I'm fairly new to ROS2 so apologies if this question doesn't make sense. However I'm just wondering if the nav2_rotation_shim_controller plugin has a limit for angular velocity, 0.26 rad/s to be exact.

I have a simple diff drive robot up and running in ROS2 Humble and am using the Nav2 stack for navigation. I have added the rotation shim controller and it somewhat works, however as I've mentioned, the maximum velocity I can get out of it is 0.26 rad/s according to the cmd_vel_nav topic. Just wondering if anyone knows why this might be the case.

This is mostly just a general question, however if more specific snippets of code would be useful I'd be happy to add them in.


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1 Answer

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answered 2023-04-24 04:43:29 -0500

Fionn gravatar image

For anyone who has a similar issue in future:

I found that the max angular velocity from the nav2_rotation_shim_controller is clamped to a value of (1/controller_frequency) * max_angular_accel. So just increase the value of max_angular_accel to increase the maximum velocity.

Hope this helps.

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