amcl in ros2 has higher errors than amcl in ros1,even though the parameters are the same

asked 2021-08-17 02:57:52 -0500

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I tried running amcl in ROS1 melodic version and in ROS2 foxy version.I made sure to give the same map,same amcl parameters,same world.I used the burger turtlebot3 model in both the versions. The localization error should be same in both versions of ROS,because the documentation for amcl_nav2 says- "Currently, the AMCL module in ROS 2 Navigation System is a direct port from ROS1 AMCL package with some minor code re-factoring"

But I get these results-

The average errors in localization are as follows-

Ros1-Avg err in x=4cm ,y=5cm ,yaw=0.015 rad
Ros2-Avg err in x=10cm,y=12cm,yaw=0.07rad

The average error in localization over the entire path in x direction and y direction has been reported above. I tried to take the exact same waypoints and used only the navigation stack in the respective versions,to get the results. May be some differences in the error is expected but not the double.

Does any one have any suggestions for the same?

Thank you

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