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How can I change the safety box in autoware 1.14

asked 2021-08-08 22:15:10 -0600

Liuhy gravatar image

I want to use autoware in my own indoor car, but the "safety_box" is too big for me to exceed the map. Can someone help me solve this problem? I have tried to modify <arg name="width" default="0.5"/> <arg name="length" default="0.8"/> in the op_common_params.launch file but didn't work thx

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1 Answer

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answered 2021-12-07 23:23:17 -0600

Is the safety_box you were referring to about safety_box in OpenPlanner? If yes, you may want to check m_TrajectoryCostsCalculator in p_trajectory_evaluator_core.cpp

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Asked: 2021-08-08 22:15:10 -0600

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