ROS2 parameter override semantics?

asked 2021-07-06 13:39:43 -0500

Thodoris Tyrovouzis gravatar image

Does ROS2 support any parameter override semantics similar to ROS1 (guide)?

I have a node which sets its parameters using a YAML file in an XML launch file. However, I want to override one of the parameters defined in the YAML file without changing it, for similar reasons mentioned in the ROS1 guide. Is it possible to override that parameter in the launch file, for example by defining that parameter after the YAML parameters?

For example:

<node pkg="my_pkg" exec="my_node">
  <param from="yaml_params_with_one_unwanted_parameter_value.yaml"/>
  <param name="parameter_to_override" value="desired_parameter_value" />
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