Connecting UM7 to Ublox GPS

asked 2021-06-24 01:31:36 -0500

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I am not sure if I can ask this question here, since it is not directly related with ROS.

So, I have a Ublox GPS on Drotek that I want to connect to UM7. I read on the manufacturer's website that we can interface an external GPS to UM7 using the I/O expansion pins. I first want to test if the GPS can be read by the UM7, so I configured the UM7 to pass NMEA messages and detect any connected GPS automatically using the Serial Interface software. I also set the baudrate of the UM7 and GPS to 38400. On the GPS side, it's also set to have baudrate 38400 and pass NMEA messages like GGA and RMC.

However, when I tried to see the parsed NMEA packet on hterm terminal, I couldn't see any GPS position. The wiring set-up can be seen here. The UM7 is connected to PC using TTL-USB converter. image description

Any help regarding this is really appreciated.


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