Install ros2 on archlinux [closed]

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I am new here, and I just want to install ROS2 on archlinux :(

I just follow the steps of Archlinux Wiki

But I met a few problems

Sorry, I can't up load pictures.

I executed the command below $ cd ~/ros2_ws $ sudo mkdir /opt/ros2 $ sudo chown $USER /opt/ros2 $ colcon build --merge-install --install-base /opt/ros2/foxy


$source /opt/ros2/foxy/

When I executed "$ros2 -h", the zsh shell told that

zsh: command not found: ros2

this is the directory "/opt/ros2/foxy/ "where i installed ros2







1.Why “ros2 not found”?

2.In “/opt/ros2/foxy”, why there is no file like “setup.zsh”, “setup.bash”, instead of “”?

Thanks a lot!

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