Impossible IK display (when in collision or joint_limits reached) [closed]

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We are using electric and object manipulation stack adapted for our robot. we have problems placing the object just 10 or 20 cm left to pick pose in reachable workspace with no obstacles (no collision). Keeps saying IK fails (but not link in collision) To solve that, we turned debug on but cannot see why ik is not feasible and some visual clues might help.

I wondered why the generic arm_kinematics_constraint_aware (we use KDL for IK) does not display markers anymore (function vis_marker_array_publisher_.publish() commented out or sendEndEffectorPose not used anymore in the newest svn code) although the pr2 dedicated arm_kinematics_constraint_aware module seems to still publish markers.

Is there another mean of directly displaying the robot pose (even when IK fails) to easily verify what fails or not. Is it related to environment server now managing the state (and so the display ?)

I must mention we tested warehouse viewer which seems to display the robot (in red) when manually moved to an impossible IK (due to joint_limits or collision) but would need the same kind of display for object_manipulation nodes automatic requests for place action.

Any help would be appreciated.

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