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How to communicate ros2 nodes running on different machines and different network?

asked 2021-05-11 10:46:40 -0500

pmuthu2s gravatar image

Running Ubuntu 20.04 on both the machines and connected different network.

Looked into Fast RTPS eprosima documentation, but I'm not a network engineer, so that I'm not able to understand on how to setup the communication between the ROS-2 nodes.

Any help would be great here !

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answered 2021-05-11 15:39:46 -0500

highmax1234 gravatar image

You have multiple possibilities, the easiest being a vpn.
This one is easy to set up:

You can follow this tutorial, but keep in mind that it uses an old version of vpncloud:

Be sure to use tap mode, since ros2 discovery works with udp broadcast. Once you can ping the machines, you should be able to find each others nodes and topics.

Another way is to use a fastdds discovery server, according to the following tutorial:

Be aware that using command line tools like ros2 topic listdoes not yet work out of the box, see

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