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action feedback type creating a new type action feedback message after creating a new client

asked 2021-03-31 02:12:39 -0600

vamsi gravatar image

I am using navigtion2 stack and want to get just feedback for the goal separately along with the traditional client which returns response,feedback and result. The action name is "navigate_to_pose" . So, I created another simple client with the same action name to print the feedback messages from this link . However, I am not able to get any output on the terminal. I am able to retrieve the feedback information using ros2 topic echo /{topic_name}.

The problem I am facing with the simple client I have written is: once I publish a goal, I am able to do ros2 topic echo /navigate_to_pose/_action/feedback and get the feedback data printed on terminal. But if I start the simple client simultaneously, I get an error message for ros2 topic echo /navigate_to_pose/_action/feedback

Error message: Cannot echo topic '/navigate_to_pose/_action/feedback', as it contains more than one type: [nav2_msgs/action/NavigateToPose_Feedback, nav2_msgs/action/NavigateToPose_FeedbackMessage].

The following are some of screenshots. Please help me outimage description

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HI there, have you been able to solve it? I believe I have similar problem and I also don't know how to solve it.

robopo gravatar image robopo  ( 2021-06-25 23:34:41 -0600 )edit

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answered 2021-08-06 07:39:35 -0600

JuBorto gravatar image

Hi, I wasn't able to see the screenshots, but hope this helps solve your issue.

I was running into the same issue, and solved by using the following pieces of code.

First, I defined an action client:

self._action_client = ActionClient(self, NavigateToPose, 'navigate_to_pose')

I then define a callback function to get the feedback using:

self.get_logger().info('Received feedback: {0}'.format(feedback))

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