alternative c++ library and eqivalent snippets in ros2

asked 2021-03-28 21:10:56 -0600

Adwait_Naik gravatar image

I am trying to migrate my code from ROS to ROS2. Basically, it is a plugin (in c++) for the actor to follow a path. I am relatively a beginner in ROS2 and have some issues like

  1. Is it wise to replace boost::thread with std::thread to implement a custom callback queue?

    private: ros::CallbackQueue queue_;

  2. How to implement a NodeHandle or something like this (given below) in ros2?

    private: ros::NodeHandle * ros_node_;

  3. What is the equivalent of the following code snippet in ros2?

    private: ros::CallbackQueue queue_;

I have referred to a couple of docs available online for migrating the code from ROS to ROS but nothing was useful. Can anyone suggest a solution?

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