How to change ros version in ADE [closed]

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I used ros dashing before in ADE. Once I re-installed ADE environment, it's automatically updated to latest version and changed to ros foxy. I got some issues in foxy.

For example, I could not use my keyboard to control the vehicle in LGSVL simulator. If I press forward-key, the vehicle is trying to stop all the time even changing gear. There is also an issue within I could not launch ms3_sim.launch successfully like in ros dashing. The vehicle are unable to localize itself. It displays "[lgsvl_interface_exe-2] [WARN] [1613639542.376862134] [vehicle.lgsvl_interface]: Vehicle interface time did not increase, skipping If you have any ideas of solving this, please kindly share. Thank you a lot!

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I have tried different ros version (dashing and foxy). But I still could not move vehicle by keyboard freely.

Yanray47 gravatar image Yanray47  ( 2021-02-19 01:38:36 -0600 )edit