MoveGroupInterface monitor (the status of)/stop trajectory execution

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Hi all,

I am using MoveIt planning interface called MoveGroupInterface for simple motion plans, in particular, pose goals and joint-space goals. These seem to work fine as tested within RViz and on real robotic arm UR5. I have followed MoveIt tutorials for this purpose.

However, I wanted to stop and resume the motions of the robotic arm. As I understand, planning and execution are two separate components, and execution is done via move, execute or asyncExecute calls. I have decided to use asyncExecute so that I could listen to some inputs from another node on a certain topic and could issue stop command if so needed. If I want to monitor the status of ongoing trajectory execution, can I use certain API from MoveGroup? However, I have read different posts, in particular, here, here , and they say that for the said functionality, we need to use actionlib package; some other online text refer to using the move_group action server interface. I would greatly appreciate, any explanation, guidance in this direction.


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Hi, I'm trying to achieve a similar functionality. Have a figured out how?

xcsub gravatar image xcsub  ( 2023-03-08 01:12:56 -0600 )edit