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Why do I get "cannot marshal None unless allow_none is enabled" error with MoveIt package?

asked 2021-01-10 22:24:44 -0600

I have generated a MoveIt config package for the Franka Panda robot using the MoveIt setup assistant. However, when trying to do

roslaunch panda_moveit_config demo.launch

I get the error

TypeError: cannot marshal None unless allow_none is enabled

and gives me a little further info:

load_parameters: unable to set parameters (last param was [/move_group/allow_trajectory_execution=True]): cannot marshal None unless allow_none is enabled

Why is this happening? I realize there are some related questions, e.g. this one, but I figure since it's generated from the MoveIt assistant there should be some more specific guidance.

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answered 2021-01-10 22:28:49 -0600

updated 2021-01-11 11:10:36 -0600

EDIT: This has been fixed with this pull request:

I figured this out but thought I'd share since others may have the same issue. The root problem is in the MoveIt setup assistant I did not create any Robot Poses, I skipped that section, and as such the config/fake_controllers.yaml file has a parameter initial that then has a blank after it, which gets loaded as None to the parameter server.

I think the best solution is to simply add at least one Robot Pose (e.g. zero position), then you don't have to worry about this. I suppose alternatively you could delete the initial parameter being loaded to the server, but there may be a node that needs that, so I would suggest the first option.

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This sounds like a bug, and would probably be good to report.

I think the best solution is to simply add at least one Robot Pose

The fundamental cause should be addressed, instead of documenting a work-around.

gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2021-01-11 02:42:45 -0600 )edit

Turns out this has already been addressed a couple months ago: My guess is it hasn't made its way into the Melodic debian yet as my system is up to date.

adamconkey gravatar image adamconkey  ( 2021-01-11 11:09:25 -0600 )edit

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