ROS Melodic-Ubuntu 18.04 opencv Tracking API download/link issue

asked 2020-12-31 01:49:27 -0600

aiko gravatar image

I am installing ROS Melodic on my 18.04 machine. I installed ros-melodic-desktop-full and all of the ros opencv packages (ros-melodic-opencv*).

While building my code, the Tracking Module from opencv_contrib was not found since it was not installed with the ROS Melodic installation. Doing a quick search I found this resource:

I installed the third party libopencv-contrib as recommended, and cmake was able to find tracker.hpp, but it seems to have a problem with some of the classes: error: no matching function for call to ‘cv::TrackerMedianFlow::create()’ m_port.tracker = cv::TrackerMedianFlow::create();

It seems like the class has not been implemented properly in the third party package.

Has anyone experienced something similar? What is the best way to get OpenCV extra modules installed for ROS?

Again, I did not build and link the OpenCV repo manually, I used the ROS installation. Thank you!!

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