Is there a generic driver in ROS for an etherCAT slave, to integrate it in the realtime loop? [closed]

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Is there a generic driver class that can be used as a base to easily build drivers for different etherCAT devices?

More or less like pr2_ethercat_drivers/wg0x.cpp which is the base for the WG drivers, but for any etherCAT device.

My intention would be to use the SII data contained in the EEPROM of every etherCAT slave to do the initial configuration of the driver, and maybe set up automatically the necessary topics (at least for common features like Inputs and Outputs).

The initial idea for such a class would be to inherit from EthercatDevice, so that it can be used in the existing ROS pr2_ethercat realtime loop.

I've seen that there's another implementation of an ethercat master in ROS ( that seems to provide some support to "generate" drivers. Has anyone tried to integrate this into the pr2_ethercat realtime loop?

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