How to make use of real-time patch in ROS [closed]

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Hi guys,

I'm involved in a robot project with real-time requirements. And I find out that the PR2 is using PREEMPT_RT patch. Now I have installed real-time ubuntu with kernel 3.2.0 by following the instructions from Real-Time Linux Wiki successfully, and have ROS Fuerte installed.

According to the Real-Time Linux Wiki, there is no special APIs for real-time. And I also notice that the pr2_controller_manager package provides a good infrastructure to run controllers in a hard real-time loop. I really want to know some hints about the way pr2_controller_manager realizes the hard real-time by PREEMPT_RT patch. Is the way using boost thread in code realizes the real-time, or some other tricks?

The second question is, how can I test my real-time node in ROS? What's test strategy of pr2_controller_manager?

Thank you very much! Simon

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