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Solidworks to URDF plugin for robot arm

asked 2020-10-25 04:47:45 -0500

mehrdad gravatar image

updated 2020-11-12 06:47:36 -0500

I've tried to create a URDF model of an arm robot similar to the following links using Solidworks to URDF plugin, however, I've noticed it has a lot of interaction axes that are not easy to make simple child-parent tree links. I really appreciate,to having any tip on how to configure its joints and links in Solid2URDF plugin image description On the right bottom side of the image, I put my presumption and child-parent link relation, however at it shows some of the links has multiple locations in the child-parent tree

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answered 2020-10-30 21:33:48 -0500

lutinplunder gravatar image

Not sure if you've tried this but the ROS wiki has some tutorials.

I used them to create a URDF for this project While the exporter worked pretty well I did find myself adjusting most of the axis and origins before generating the URDF, and again when I imported it to MATLAB to verify the URDF.

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@lutinplunder , thanks for the tip, but as I draw in the above image a couple of links has multi-position and it is straight forward, can you explain how to verify your model in MATLAB? can you post your child-parent tree here

mehrdad gravatar image mehrdad  ( 2020-11-12 06:50:46 -0500 )edit

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