Does ROS2 support rqt_runtime_monitor ?

asked 2020-09-14 16:59:38 -0500

ak-nv gravatar image

I am wanted to see diagnostic_msgs in rqt_runtime_monitor , but currently ROS2 eloquent only shows following

rqt rqt_graph rqt_gui_py rqt_publisher rqt_reconfigure rqt_srv rqt_action rqt_gui rqt_msg rqt_py_common
rqt_service_caller rqt_top rqt_console rqt_gui_cpp rqt_plot rqt_py_console rqt_shell rqt_topic

Does ROS2 support rqt_runtime_monitor ? If not, what are the other options?

Any help would be great.

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