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No rule to make target - - install space issues?

asked 2020-09-14 18:03:39 -0500

Dwil gravatar image

updated 2020-09-16 05:18:34 -0500

Hi guys,

I'm building ROS melodic from source to an install space inside a docker container. Everything is fine and I copy the workspace from the install space out of the container.

I then try and build the Geometry2 package in a container. I pull the artifacts from the melodic workspace install space into the container and source the setup.bash at /opt/ros_custom/setup.bash. The ROS melodic workspace is relocated from its install space /opt/ros_custom/install to /opt/ros_custom.

However I get 2 issues. First issue:

CMake Error at /opt/ros_custom/share/tf2_kdl/cmake/tf2_kdlConfig.cmake:113 (message): Project 'tf2_kdl' specifies '/opt/ros_custom/install/include' as an include dir, which is not found. It does neither exist as an absolute directory nor in '${{prefix}}//opt/ros_custom/install/include'.

I think this issue is to do with catkin putting hard-coded paths into the .cmake file for packages that include plain cmake packages. orocos_kdl in this example for tf2_kdl.

At an attempt to continue with the build I create the /opt/ros_custom/install/include directory inside the container and the build continues with the next error.

[ 46%] Building CXX object third-party-src/test_tf2/CMakeFiles/test_buffer_server.dir/test/test_buffer_server.cpp.o make[3]: * No rule to make target '/opt/ros_custom/install/lib/', needed by '/opt/ros_custom/devel/lib/test_tf2/test_buffer_server'. Stop.

Again the build is looking for the library that is now in /opt/ros_custom/lib/ not /opt/ros_custom/install/lib. This isn't an issue for any other catkin package but is for orocos_kdl. I applied this PR from the orocos_kdl repo to see if it would help however it doesn't.

Does orocos_kdl require the ROS workspace installation space remains?

Thanks for your help!

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answered 2020-09-17 03:54:53 -0500

Dwil gravatar image

This question is related to this other question/answer:

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