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Best practice to extract recorded data from ros2 bag dumps?

asked 2020-09-12 05:34:43 -0600

kopytjuk gravatar image

Currently I am working on my university project with ROS2 with a small model car. I am implementing and debugging a local planner module. For my documentation I want to plot the driven path and generated trajectories (e.g. with matplotlib).

I have both in ROS2 messages which I dumped via ros2 bag ... to a sqlite database binary.

I was googling a lot and found which relies on ROS1 python bindings. Is it possible to open my sq3 file with this library? Do I have to install melodic along my current dashing?

Is there a way to convert/export the messages to a non--binary format like csv (where the messages are already deserialized)?

Thank you for your advice and clarifying my confusion in my head.

TLDR; How to use ros2 bag dump data in other tools?

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I am interested in the answer too. Have you seen this thread?

rrrand gravatar image rrrand  ( 2020-09-22 03:33:55 -0600 )edit

Thank you for the link! It is exactly what I wanted but somewhat hidden from the point of view of a ROS/ROS2 beginner ...

In the end I had to write my own message_recorder-node which subscribes to topics I was interested in and records them together with a timestamp to a file ...

kopytjuk gravatar image kopytjuk  ( 2020-09-22 11:26:28 -0600 )edit

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answered 2020-09-16 01:47:56 -0600

KenYN gravatar image

Since the data is in sqlite3 format, why not just use standard tools? This page describes how to do it. sqlitebrowser is another interactive tool.

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Thank you very much for pointing that out. However, If I understand correctly the data exported in the way you described will still be serialized. The question asks for a way to export to deserialized messages. Is there a way to achieve this with sqlite3?

Phgo gravatar image Phgo  ( 2020-09-17 04:57:46 -0600 )edit

Hello, I have the same issue, did you manage to solve it without installing ROS melodic?

jeferrandiz gravatar image jeferrandiz  ( 2020-11-02 08:24:58 -0600 )edit

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