How does ROS2 handle several routes to the same destination

asked 2020-08-19 06:38:25 -0500

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Basically our problem is having ROS2 communication over 2 routes that reach the same destination.

For instance our publisher is & our subscriber is and our router is & We configured our publisher and subscriber's machine to make a bridge via the router. We can ping each other via that router.

Therefore from the publisher we can reach the subscriber directly (same subnet) OR we can pass through (i.e the router) via to reach How can we publish to those 2 links in the same time ?

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Can you edit your question to clarify what you want to do and likely what's not working? ROS generally relies on you having appropriately defined IP routing tables for your networks. As long as your subnets have the appropriate routing configured so that the IPs are reachable in both directions I would expect things to work.

tfoote gravatar image tfoote  ( 2020-08-26 04:26:55 -0500 )edit