How to convert high level commands present in ssc_interface to low level commands for pacmod.

asked 2020-08-11 15:42:04 -0500

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The ControlCommand has the following parameters.

linear_velocity linear_acceleration steering_angle The ssc_interface uses these commands and publishes:- // publishers to SSC steer_mode_pub_ = nh_.advertise<automotive_platform_msgs::steermode>("as/arbitrated_steering_commands", 10); and so on for controlling the vehicle

I am creating SSC node myself so I have to convert the steer mode which is high level command to low level command which the pacmod reveices or subscribes to. How to do the conversion?

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Hello @sudip , did you find the way to convert this command ?

Aleksandr Savel'ev gravatar image Aleksandr Savel'ev  ( 2021-04-29 07:26:33 -0500 )edit