Problem to export ROS2 topics data from sqlite3 to csv

asked 2020-07-20 16:50:29 -0600

ophelie.c gravatar image

Hi all,

With ROS2, I am recording 6 different topics with the following command : ros2 bag record -0 <name_of_bag_file> topic1 topic2 topic3 topic4 topic5 topic6

Then when the simulation is done, I use the sqlite3 tool to export the db3 file to a csv format, following this tutorial ( When I open the file .csv generated, the id, topic_id and timestamp are well completed but the data field is always empty. Did anyone succeed to do this to be able to analyse the data ?

Thank you

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Hi @ophelie.c, can you share how you solved the problem at the end?

runtao gravatar image runtao  ( 2020-12-29 10:25:42 -0600 )edit