import rviz results to librviz_sip module not found

asked 2020-07-19 02:58:23 -0600

vuvuzella gravatar image

I tried to compile ROS kinetic for python3 support with all packages included in desktop-full. I changed all references of python2 to python3 as well as changed some python2 print to python3 print. Compilation log did not show any errors. Compiled ROS 2 using catkin_make_isolated. I have also sourced the setup.bash.

Problem: When trying to import rviz in python3, I get ImportError: No module named librviz_sip. however in my lib/python3/dist-packages/rviz path, is clearly there. If I run python3 in that same folder where is located and imported rviz, the import is successful. So I might not be setting some environment variables correctly.

Has anyone encountered this error when compiling ros for python3 support?

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