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How to subscribe to ssc_interface node released from my laptop (autoware installed) from pacmod ( polaris Gem Vehicle)

asked 2020-07-06 17:56:04 -0500

sudip gravatar image

I am trying to control my polaris gem vehicle which has pacmod installed on it from my laptop ( autoware installed). I followed . Currently I am only able to launch AS node from autoware. I can see ssc interface node being published but my concern is how to get connected with the Pacmod in my vehicle so that I can control my vehicle through autoware.

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Are you running the SSC software from AutonomouStuff?

Josh Whitley gravatar image Josh Whitley  ( 2020-07-08 22:05:47 -0500 )edit

Hi Josh, No, I am not running the SSC software. I am trying to establish connection between the ssc_interface and the pacmod directly without the use of the SSC software. I believe I have to publish specific ros nodes and subscribe to them from the other end. Would you please provide me some suggestion regarding this. It would be really helpful and I really appreciate your response. You are already helping me a lot.

Thank you, Sudip

sudip gravatar image sudip  ( 2020-07-13 21:24:55 -0500 )edit

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answered 2020-07-17 18:03:08 -0500

Josh Whitley gravatar image

Unfortunately, it is not possible to directly control a vehicle utilizing the PACMod DBW system with Autoware.AI without using the proprietary SSC software from AutonomouStuff at this time. The output of Autoware.AI is high-level controls like desired velocity and vehicle angle while the PACMod only takes in low-level commands like pedal percentages and steering wheel angle. SSC provides the translation between these two with a built-in vehicle model and tuned controllers.

We would love to see an addition to Autoware.AI or Autoware.AUTO to work directly with the PACMod vehicle interface but the software stacks do not currently support this configuration.

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