avoid shadowing INCLUDE_DIRS of two versions of the same package

asked 2020-06-21 21:29:26 -0600

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hello guys,

I have a compile issue, hope you guys can give some input

env: ubuntu 18, ROS Melodic

task: build my package which depends on octomap

problem: requires octomap version < 1.8, but the one shipped with ROS is 1.9.0


  1. find an old version(1.6.9) (branch: release/indigo/octomap) from here

  2. build from source: mkdir build; cd build; cmake ..; make

  3. in my package CMakeLists.txt, added:

find_package(octomap CONFIG REQUIRED PATHS /home/ubuntu18/pkgs/octomap-indigo NO_DEFAULT_PATH)


include_directories( include


4.got an error during compiling, complaining about a function is not defined, which is in fact defined in the old version i used, but not in the new system version.

so i figure the wrong version was used. Then i went to:

rosworkspace/build/mypackage/CMakeFiles/mypackage.dir/CXX.includecache, found out 'opt/ros/melodic/include/header.h' was used instead of the path that I downloaded and compiled from source

Then, i tried:


Then it compiled without issue.

So my question is: is the issue I had due to INCLUDE_DIRS shadowing? how to avoid INCLUDE_DIRS shadowing between two versions of the same package where one is installed by sudo apt-get install, and is under system directory, the other is built from source, and is under a local directory? I only figured out changing the include order. But I'm afraid there is a better/general way to solve this type of issues?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: Found this question which is similar. And the octomap package is not in my ros workspace

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