Why do my gazebo walking actors gets stuck once they reach the edge of the grid? [closed]

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I have been trying to follow this tutorial http://gazebosim.org/tutorials?tut=ac... and import my actors into an office building world. However, the actors will walk pass walls and hit the edge of the grid, not moving any further even though the ground plane still stretch much further below them.

Sadly I don't have enough points to upload a picture, but the code is below

 <actor name="actor2">
      <pose>0 -30 -40 0 0 0</pose>
      <animation name="walking">
      <plugin name="actor1_plugin" filename="libActorPlugin.so">
        <target>0 -45 -55</target>

I try to set the pose much further from the origin as the world is very large 50mx50m. I have a very poor understanding of how pose work so that might be a reason.

I also try to use this plugin below, to resolve the issue of actor walking through walls. However, I could not compile the plugin, and it will return an error stating serviceim cannot be a namespace. Any help is appreciated as I am truly at a loss.


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